Traditional Villa Renovation

We loved restoring this villa to all its glory, inside and out.

New Build – Avondale

New home, Avondale Auckland. Highly efficient, architecturally bespoke.

New Build – Whenuapai

New build Whenuapai, Auckland. Architecturally designed. Simple modern character.

New Home – Titirangi

New house Titirangi, Auckland. Cedar weatherboards with honed stackbond masonry.

Reclad- Maraetai

Reclad Mareatai, Auckland. New Roof Line, Reclad in Weatherboards, Interior Renovation.

Renovation – Saint Mary’s Bay

Renovation Saint Marys Bay, Auckland. Garage workshop conversion to stunning apartment.

Alterations – One Tree Hill

Alterations One Tree Hill, Auckland. Reclad and alterations with vertical shiplap weatherboards.

Sleepout – Villa – 30m2

Sleepout Villa aesthetic. Custom built to match the character of your home.

Sleepout – Bungalow – 30m2

Sleepout Bungalow character. Bedroom with study or home office.

Sleepout – Cottage – 30m2

Sleepout Cottage design. Two bedrooms with wardrobes and veranda and deck.

Sleepout – Central Bay – 30m2

Sleepout Central Bay design. Multi-purpose space for an expanding family.

Sleepout – Double Bay – 30m2

Sleepout Double Bay. Designed to compliment the character of your home.

Sleepout – Split Gable – 30m2

Sleepout Split Gable. Complimentary to your 70's home with classic features.

Sleepout – Villa – 65m2

Sleepout Villa. Minor dwelling with two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom laundry.

Sleepout – Bungalow – 65m2

Sleepout Bungalow. Double bedroom with kitchen, laundry, wardrobes matching your home.

Sleepout-Modular Unit-65m2

Sleepout Modular Design. Sleepout or minor dwelling with modules to suit.

Sleepout – Louvre Roof

Sleepout Louvre Roof. Sleepout with carport, storage and optional bathroom and kitchen.

Sleepout – Cottage – 10m2

Sleepout Cottage. Minor unit with veranda and deck for character additional space.

Sleepout – Corner Site – 10m2

Sleepout Corner Site. Minor unit with wrap around veranda and over windows.

Sleepout – Minor Unit – 10m2

Sleepout Minor Unit. Single bedroom with sliding doors both sides.

Sleepout – Mancave – 10m2

Sleepout Mancave. Multi-purpose building with internal storage.

Sleepout – Villa Studio – 10m2

Sleepout Villa Studio. Single bedroom with villa features, veranda and deck.

Sleepout – Studio – 20m2

Sleepout Studio. Large multi-purpose studio for home office or guest house.

Single Garage

Single Garage. Dressed to match the character of your home.

Double Garages

Double Garage. Flexible double garage with insulation, linings and workshop.

Double Garage With Loft Gable

Double Garage with Loft. Universal space for housing vehicles or doubling as sleepout.

Single Carports

Single Carport. Dressed to match the character of your home or modern addition.

Double Garage with Loft Trellis

Double Garage with Loft. Full two level garage with sleepout over or upgrade to minor dwelling.

Double Garage with Flat Loft

Double Garage with Loft. Flat roof two level double garage with sleepout, upgrade for workshop.

Double Garage Minor Dwelling

Double Garage with Minor Dwelling. Two bedroom, kitchen, laundry with internal stair.

Quad Garage with Loft

Quad Garage. Large garage with three or four garage doors to house your vehicles.

Double Carports

Double Carport. Loads of upgrade options to suit your lifestyle.

Like the look of our work? We’d love to make your building project come to life.