Are you looking for Sleepout for extra room and a multi-purpose

Sleepout up to 30 square metres without building consent! *conditions apply*

• Are you looking to work from home and tired of the dining room table?

• Do you want an extra one to two bedrooms but don’t want the disruptive process of house alterations?

• Do you want extra storage and a rumpus room or mancave for your pool table?

• Are you looking for a cost effective solution to adding more room to your house?

• Do you want a character sleepout in your back yard for guests?

• Are you looking for a flexible space that can be used for anything?


Hybrid have the custom designed Sleepout solution for you!

Are you looking for a Minor Dwelling or Granny Flat for fully serviced additional space?

• Do you have an expanding extended family and need a self sufficient space for them?

• Do you want to add value to your home and also the flexibility for a second income?

• Do you want somewhere for teenagers or in-laws that’s independent?

• Do you want to a cost effective space that doesn’t disrupt your existing home?

• Do you want to spend less on adding 65 square metres space to your property?


Hybrid have the custom designed Minor Dwelling solution for you!

Get the perfect addition to your home

Building a granny flat, sleepout, minor dwelling, or minor unit is a great way to make the most out of the space on your property, whether it’s for family members, to earn some extra income, or to simply work from home to get that extra space you’ve always wanted.
With over 39 years’ experience, Hybrid build beautifully bespoke, expertly crafted sleepouts, minor dwellings and granny flats, Auckland-wide.


A full-service team, looking after you every step of the way

Whether you’ve got a general idea, or a specific design in mind, we’ll build something that’s personal to you.
As a full-service building company, we’re proud to say our experienced and approachable team can take care of the whole process – from planning out the design and layout, to getting resource consent, to managing the full construction.

“From our first meeting we could see that they cared about us as people”

The actual job threw up many challenges such as council processes and design hiccups, which they all solved valiantly.
Hybrid manage their team well and looked after us well. We would use them again for sure.


“it was all finished before I go on holiday tomorrow.”

Thank you for organising work done on my house.  Hybrid was a great choice, they were courteous and neat and certainly did a great job.

Betty Bullôt

“The standard of workmanship and finishing was excellent”

I would have no hesitation in recommending Hybrid Residential to anyone needing either
building or remedial work done at any level of the construction and building industry.

Elizabeth Calvert

Custom Sleepouts & Minor Dwellings

A sleepout (30 square metres) is a great way to add an extra multi-purpose rooms, bedroom and study, rumpus room for kids and sleepovers, guest house, or office to work from home, storage.

A Minor Dwelling (65 square metres) adds an extra bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and running water above a sleepout and can be built up to 65m2.

Building a stand alone sleepout or Minor Dwelling is less disruptive than altering your existing home and cheaper overall.

A Sleepout or Minor Dwelling will increase the sale price of your property and will add flexibility to your lifestyle even if you use one of the rooms as storage. You can separately metre your Minor Dwelling for a secondary income.


Sleepout Villa – Basic Package (30m2)

Basic package inclusions, full detailed schedule available, optional upgrades available:

1. Floor Plan: 30m2 or less, Bay on Left or right.
2. Floor: Screw piles, Bearer 2x100x50mm H3.2 bearers, Joists 150x50mm H1.2 Joists, 20mm Strandfloor screw and glue fixed.
3. Framing: 2.4m high stud, Placemakers prenail framing or framed onsite.
4. Trusses: MiTek engineered trusses
5. Joinery: Altus (Fletcher Residential) 35mm Pacific Residential suite, single glazed, black Aria hardware, standard colour range
6. Sliding Door: Standard sliding door.
7. Deck & Stairs: 100x40mm H3.2 Pine, galvanized nailed,. Size 1.5m Wide x 1m Deep deck with 1m wide stairs (Basic)
8. Balustrade: Excluded
9. Veranda: Excluded
10. Roof: 0.40 Colorsteel Corrugate, screwed, building paper, no mech, ridge flashings, no eaves flashing, standard colour range
11. Insulation: Underfloor Expol White R1.4, Walls Pink Batts R2.2, Ceiling Pink Batts R3.2
12. Metal Battens: 16mm Metal Batten and Clip ceiling system laver level
13. Building Wrap: Thermakraft Watergate Plus building wrap with Thermakraft Aluband flashing tape
14. Cavity: 50x25mm H3.1 Cavity battens with James Hardie uPVC cavity closure. Dynex internal & external corner under flashings.
15. Cladding: 200mm Bevelled backed weatherboards H3.1 finger jointed pre primed with galvanized soakers, small eaves bead, no facings, 10mm scribers to joinery.
16. Baseboards: 100x25mm vertical or horizontal H3.2 decking baseboards or 4.5mm Hardiflex with ventilation grills.
17. Soffit: 4.5mm Hardieflex fibre cement sheet with PVC jointers, flat head nailed
18. Fascia: 150mm Pine Finger Jointed H3.1 Pre Primed
19. Finishing: 90mm x 10mm single edge bevel Pine skirtings, 60mm x 10mm single edge bevel Pine architraves.
20. Bay Window: No Bay Window or internal seat
21. Flooring Covering: Engineered laminated plank overlay or heavy duty residential carpet on 11mm underlay.
22. Plasterboard: Gib 10mm Gib standard plasterboard, stopping to level 4 , square stopped ceilings
23. Paint: Three coat paint finish to interior and exterior
24. Spouting: Marley Stormcloud white PVC spouting and 80mm downpipes or Colorcote quarter round spouting and downpipe.
25. Electrical: Solar panels on roof with deep cycle battery, LED lights to interior with two power points
26. Plumbing: No Plumbing
27. Drainage: No Drainage
28. Rainwater: discharge onto ground (Sleepout only)
29. Paving: No paving to path
30. Retaining: No Retaining
31. Fencing: No Fencing

Minor Dwelling Villa 65m2 – Extra Over Sleepout

Basic package inclusions, full detailed schedule available, optional upgrades available:

1. Building Consent required
2. Floor Area: 65 Square Metres (m2)
3. Kitchen: Custom Kitchen with oven, cooktop, dish washer, range hood, fridge, microwave.
4. Laundry: Custom laundry with shelving, washing matching, tub, dryer, extract fan.
5. Bathroom: Bathroom with acrylic shower, toilet, vanity, mirror, LED lighting, extract fan
6. Electrical: Mains supplied electrical, distribution board, PDL 600 switch gear, LED lights
7. Plumbing: Sanitary and Stormwater connected to private system
8. Drainage: Connect into existing systems


Construction Options

1. Floor: H3.2 Plywood Upgrade
2. Rafters: Rafters with Skillion ceiling
3. Joinery: Double glazing, colour matched hardware, Malta or Lucern Hardware upgrade, premium colour range. Additional Joinery units if required.
4. Stacker Door: Stacker slider, EuroStacker door. Window vents to allow airflow.
5. Deck: Full width deck x 2.5m Deep 2m wide stairs
6. Balustrade: Timber balustrade to deck and stairs.
7. Veranda: Veranda to area of deck, 88x88mm Laminated Posts, post brackets, exposed structural brackets bolts or hidden with plugged bolt holes.
8. Roof: 0.55 Colorsteel Corrugate or other profile, screwed, Covertec 403 underlay, mesh, premium colour range.
9. Skylight: Velux skylight or SolarTube natural internal lighting or Solar Illume LED panel.
Canopy: Door canopy if selected.
10. Insulation: Expol Black R1.8 Underfloor or Polyester, Walls R2.4 to R2.8 Pink Batts or GreenStuff, Ceiling R3.6 to R5.0 Pink Batts or GreenStuff flat ceiling, R3.6 Skillion roof Pink Batts or Greenstuff.
11. Cladding: A-Lign Weatherboards, Vertical shiplap pine, Cedar vertical or horizontal weatherboards, Shadowclad, Board & Batten, Cedar Plywood…
12. Bay Window: Bay window design options and seat
13. Aesthetic: Colonial options, bungalow options
14. Window Facings: 100x25mm Facings, 18mm Scribers, Profiled head batten, false sill.
15. External Corners: 100x25mm boxed external corners
16. Internal Corner: W flashing, internal boxed corner, internal bead.
17. Soffit: 6mm Hardieflex fibre cement sheet, grooved plywood, 100x15mm Pile or Cedar sarking.
18. Fascia: Pine colonial feature blocks and finial, Cedar fascia & bargeboard
19. Finishing: Colonial or bevelled profile skirtings and architraves. Gib or timber cornice
20. Interior Door: Interior hinged, double or sliding door between rooms.
21. Attic: Ceiling hatch, pull down ladder, attic storage floor
22. Cabinetry: Custom bookcase cabinetry options
23. Wardrobe: Built in wardrobe and wardrobe organisation or storage options with sliding doors to 2.2m high.
24. Curtains: Curtains, blinds, shutters
25. Floor Coverings: Tiled floor, cork, vinyl plank
26. Plasterboard: Gib 13mm Gib standard ceilings, Gib cornice
27. Spouting: Copper spouting and downpipes, Marley Stratus coloured PVC spouting and downpipes.
28. Electrical: Underground mains electrical feed with additional electrical capabilities. 12 volt TV and Wifi boosting of house wifi
29. Plumbing: Fridge gas/electric 12 volt
30. Drainage: Stormwater connection into existing system or soak hole.
31. Rainwater: Rainwater storage tank with pump or gravity feed for watering garden / washing house.
32. Paving: Path or paving (impermeable site area requires checking)
33. Planting: Planting around base of building, landscaping upon completion.
34. Fencing: Fence works

Building or Resource Consent may still be required?

There are many aspects to building and site compliance. Best practice is to organise a pre application meeting with Auckland Council to outline proposed works ensure no laws, regulations, and standards are being breached. Auckland Council will issue meeting minutes in determination. Auckland Council charge for this meeting.


Hybrid complete all works to a high standard and compliant with:
* Conditions Apply* = Auckland Unitary Plan, Building Act, New Zealand Standards, Building Code compliance
• Unitary Plan Zone: Residential zone, Precinct, Overlays (Heritage), Controls
• Floor Area: <20m2 and <40m2 (excluding decks and veranda)
• Height (GL to Roof): Approx. 3.5 metres Max (without consent)
• Single storey permitted only
• Distance to House: No restriction, attached is permitted
• Yard Control – Front Boundary: Offset for Zone single house 3m, rural 5m, large lot 10m, terraced 1.5m, mixed urban 2.5m (check zone)
• Yard Control – Side & Rear Boundary: 1m to 1.5m minimum, large lot 10m (check zone)
• Close to Boundary: Obtain neighbours signoff and apply to council for Deemed Permitted boundary Activity.
• Site Envelope: Height in Relation to Boundary Yard offset, 2.5m vertical, 45 Degrees angle (check zone)
• Building Site Coverage: 20% to 50% (Including House, carport, garage, decks over 1.5m, cantilevered building, eaves that extends more than 750mm horizontally from the exterior wall of the building, accessory buildings, such as sheds and sleep-outs.
• Landscaped Area (permeable): 20-50% including grassed areas, gardens, permeable paving or paving under 1m wide (check zone)
• Impermeable Area: 35% to 70% including driveway, parking or vehicle areas, pools over 1m, decks less than 1m, paving,
• Proximity to stream/Lake/Coast: Approx. 10m/30m/25m (Refer Zone for specifics)
• Amenities: None
• Sleepout or Garage 30m2 or under (measured inner frame to tinner frame)
• Carport 40m2 of under (measured inner frame to tinner frame)
• Pole Shed 110m2 or under (measured inner frame to tinner frame)
• Deck Slatted Area: Unlimited size under 1.5m, build up to boundary.
• Deck Balustrade: Required where fall is 1m otherwise planter hedge (no walk through access) of 450mm wide.
• Building Act 2004: Garage, sleepout must be its own height off any boundary or dwelling.
• Veranda: 30m2 floor Area maximum** current 20m2*
• Deck: Which it is not possible to fall more than 1.5 metres.*
• Retaining: Retains not more than 1.5 metres depth of ground does not support any surcharge or any load additional to the load of that ground (for example, the load of vehicles).*
• Awning: 20m2 attached to building*
• Pergola: Exempt works*
• Shade Sale: 50m2*
• Rainwater Tank: 2000L Self supporting tank 2m max out of ground*
• Rainwater Tank: 3000L Self supporting tank 1.5m max out of ground*
• Rainwater Tank: 4000L Self supporting tank 1m max out of ground*
• Electrical: Ground-mounted solar array panels**
• Pizza Oven: Outdoor fireplaces or ovens maximum height 2.5m, maximum cooking area 1m**
• Fence: not exceeding 2.5m than supporting ground*uilding Practitioner completed or supervised
2. Registered Master Builders
3. Building Act 2004 and amendments
4. Auckland Unitary Plan
5. Auckland Council Bi-laws
6. New Zealand Standard NZS 3604:2011 and amendments, plus all other relative standards
7. New Zealand Building Code and amendments (Especially E2:AS1)
8. Auckland Transport (AT) Crossing consent

1. m = lineal metre
2. m2 = square metres
3. *Property assessment, unitary plan compliance, code compliance, stormwater connection required.
4. **Further qualification required with Auckland Council
5. ***Pictures and Downloads are concept examples, your design will be bespoke.

On time

As an experienced team of professional Auckland builders, we’re committed to ensuring your project is delivered on time, providing clear deadlines and full project management to keep your build moving along.

Right cost

We understand your budget is important, that’s why we take a budget-focused approach for every build. To avoid any suprises, we’re upfront about all costs, providing measured quotes and detailed contingencies.

Quality craftsmanship

Quality is of the utmost importance to our team. Proud of our reputation for quality craftmanship, our skilled builders take every detail into account, delivering workmanship at the highest industry standard.



Hybrid offer a free in-home consultation where we determine your requirements, budget and collect preliminary information. Hybrid outline the construction process and next steps. We undertake a brief site investigation to determine initial project viability..



Hybrid investigate your project brief and compliance with Auckland Unitary Plan. Hybrid provide a written brief and in-house sketch plan to visualise your project. Hybrid provide an estimate to determine your project budget and outline the construction process and steps forward.

(Determine if Building Consent is Required)



Sketch Design

Hybrid design your Garage or Carport in-house and provide site plan, elevations, selections and aesthetic to meet your brief. Hybrid provide an updated estimate .



Hybrid produce code compliant, consent issue, architectural documentation. Hybrid conclude selections, specification, materials, detailing for build-ability, aesthetic, and affordability.




Documentation is lodged for Resource Consent (if required) and Building Consent (if required). Hybrid manage the process to obtain consents and answer council RFI’s. Construction issue documentation is produced.

(Skip if project does not require consent)



Hybrid provide a fixed price quotation based on Building Consent issue documentation, selections, and scope of works.

(Quotation Simultaneous with Consent)



Hybrid provide a New Zealand Standards contract, Start Date, Construction Programme, Insurances, Master Build Guarantee, Site Specific Safety Plan,  Hybrid Site Team appointment, Client pre-start meeting. Hybrid facilitate all project start requirements for success. Pre construction Deposit is paid.

Matt & Lisa Newby



Works Onsite commence! Hybrid provide a dedicated Project Manager, Hybrid Site Manager, weekly site meetings, Builder Trend Project Management software updates you on: progress, photos, daily log, selections, Variations, budget, payment claims, selections, Safety Inspections, messages and questions. Hybrid facilitate all Code of Compliance documentation on Practical Completion and hand over. Job Well Done!

“We unconditionally recommend Hybrid”

Hybrid has proven to us that it has the commitment and dedication to complete work it states, no matter how difficult.

Matt & Lisa Newby

“Totally Recommended”

Once again your team has been very professional and workmanship outstanding

Stephen & Veronica Covic

“Please pass on our sincere thanks to all the Hybrid Team”

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness
increases” and I believe that our house is now truly on its way to being a thing of beauty due to the transformation brought about by Hybrid

Marina and Barry Potter

Kiwi Owned and Operated since 1981

Hybrid are a second generation New Zealand owned and operated, traditional Kiwi construction company established in 1981. We come from an Architectural background and are qualified in Quantity Surveying, Project management, Carpentry, and Architectural Drafting to ensure your project is built by industry professionals.


New Zealand Supplied

Hybrid use proven BRANZ appraised construction materials and methods. We support New Zealand subcontractors and suppliers and quality materials to ensure we can guarantee the final outcome.



Hybrid are Registered Master Builders, Site Safe, Licenced Building Practitioners, in Quantity Surveying, Architectural Drafting, Architecture and we are training BCITO apprentices!


Detail Orientated

Hybrid are a team of problem solvers and qualified professionals. Hybrid have Architectural backgrounds and are New Zealand Qualified Architectural Designers, Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager, Carpenters and Apprentices (BCITO). We are the right team for your project.


Bespoke Craftsman Builders

Hybrid tailor your project to your needs. We have extensive detailing, material, cost planning, programme, quality assurance, and New Zealand construction knowledge. We incorporate our skills and your vision to craft a home of elegance.


Customized Project Management

Hybrid use leading Project Management software BuilderTrend which schedules your sections, tracks decisions required, daily logs, variations, scheduling, programme, RFI’s, messages, photo updates. You have an up-to-date commentary of your project when you are offsite. Hybrid hold weekly client meetings to go over progress, decisions and questions.



Every project is compliant with New Zealand Building Act, New Zealand Building Code, New Zealand Standards, Auckland Unitary Plan, Resource Consent, Building consent and best trade practices. We provide all documentation (Producer Statements, Record of Building Works, Certificate of Electrical & Gas, As-Built drainage, warranties, guarantees, operations manuals, maintenance period) for your project and ensure Code of Compliance Certification upon completion.


Dedicated Project Manager

You receive a dedicated Project Manager to facilitate your build. We control the process from start to finish and guide your through selections, options, and construction to ensure you receive excellent service. Your project has a Site Manager to facilitate your project and manage subcontractors, materials construction and quality. A Quantity Surveyor oversees your accounts, subcontract quotes, buying, payment claims, contract, and bank landing compliance.


Quality Assurance

Hybrid have an extensive quality assurance checklist system at every stage of your build. We use Auckland Council inspection checklists amended with our own items to ensure nothing is missed.



Hybrid work in conjunction with the best sub-contractors which we have sourced and personally guarantee to ensure you are provided with the highest quality end product. Our subcontractors are forward thinking, likeminded precisionists who share the same vision of excellence and commitment to quality craftsmanship.



Hybrid are passionate about what we do, we are forward thinking and we are living a company vision created in 1981 which was to offer something more substantial and long-lasting to the building industry. We are craftsman, progressive, and guarantee our work.

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